The Urban Ranger Corps has received up to $93,150 in tax credits which have been underwritten by the MO Department of Economic Development, Youth Opportunities Program.  If you pay Missouri State Taxes, you may be eligible to receive tax credits which can be used within 5 years. 

Your donation can be:


Credit/Debit Card

Employee Payroll

Electronic Funds Transfer

Real Estate

Equipment and Supplies

Publicly Traded Stocks

Allowable tax credits for contributions are: 

50% for monetary contributions

30% for property contributions (real or personal)

50% for stocks

50% for materials, supplies and equipment

50% for wages paid to youth participating in an approved internship, apprenticeship or employment project (not to exceed $20,000 per youth per taxable period).

There is no minimum donation to be eligible to apply for tax credits.

Here’s how it works

To be eligible

You live in Missouri and pay Missouri state taxes

You work in Missouri and pay Missouri state taxes, even if you live in Kansas.

The primary office of your business/corporation must be in Missouri and must pay Missouri state taxes.

Your primary office can be in Kansas, with a branch in Missouri.  You are eligible if you pay Missouri state taxes.


When you submit your donation, you will be sent an acknowledgment letter informing you that you may be eligible for Missouri State Tax Credits.  When you notify us that you wish to apply for tax credits, we will send you the appropriate paper work including instructions on verifying your donation.  Once you have returned these forms we will approve your request and submit it to the State.  They will notify you within 4-6 weeks of your approved tax credit and how to file to receive your credits.

What does it mean for me?

Think of it as a “tax credit card” with the State of Missouri!  On a $1,000 donation the tax credit either increases your MO State tax refund by $500 or decreases your tax obligation ty $500.  This tax credit is not a deduction and you can claim it as you want during the next 5 taxable years.  This is truly a Win-Win-Win!

What happens with a $1,000 donation?

You receive a $1,000 Federal Tax Deduction

You receive a $500 tax credit from the State of Missouri

The Urban Ranger Corps get $1,000 to help support the programs and services they offer.

If you have any questions about the Youth Opportunity Tax Credit Program, please contact Erik Dickinson at 816-333-6455.