Meet Ranger Vonzell

Since last month, we’ve began highlighting the young men that have found success through our program. The Urban Ranger Corps has helped 649 young men since our beginning in 2003 with the goal of helping middle schoolers and high schoolers in the urban core of Kansas City find success through work and leadership programs.

Meet Ranger Vonzell Garth, one of our recently graduated Rangers and one of the first three Rangers to receive the URC Hopes and Dreams Scholarship, an amazing scholarship opportunity established by the Corvin Family Foundation to help young men find their path in life after high school. With it, Vonzell will begin attending Penn Valley Community College and eventually transfer to the University of Central Missouri where he’ll be studying accounting, forensics, and coding.

Vonzell has been in the program since 2013 when he joined as sophomore. He first joined us because of a friend in the program who encourage him to try. At first, Vonzell saw a great work opportunity for the summer, but shortly discovered how beneficial and encouraging the program and mentors were. “The leadership and work ethic instilled in us by our leaders was beyond what I expected. I really appreciated that experience.”

Since that moment,  Vonzell has participated wholeheartedly in every aspect of the URC. Through his desire to become an FBI agent one day, Vonzell worked with the URC to begin an internship with the Blue Springs Police Department to get real experience in law enforcement. What started as a summer position has transitioned into a year round job due to Vonzell’s work ethic and continued success in the department. We couldn’t be more proud of Vonzell in achieving his goals towards his path to his future career!

Outside of the work and leadership programs, his favorite activity was the float trip. “Canoeing, campfires, s’mores, nature, swimming – the float trip was really fun. Getting us out of the city life and into nature was like living in the Lewis and Clark days. We loved it!”


Though we’re sad to see Vonzell and our recent graduates depart from the program, we know that they’ll find great success in life. And according to Vonzell, he might be back to help with the URC one day. “The team leaders and supervisors helped me get where I am today. They  were eye openers for me and all the Rangers with the success they had in their professions and in their lives. I’d love to give back to the URC the same way some day.”

To continue providing stepping stones to young men in Kansas city, donate today and join us for our Urban Rendezvous dinner on October 21st at the College Basketball Experience for a night of fun and fundraising to support our cause.

All proceeds go directly to the URC program and give us the funds to provide all the supplies and staff to continue helping the lives of boys in Kansas City’s urban core. Learn more about where Vonzell’s at now with the Blue Springs Police Department and his first semester of college in a video highlighting his story at the Urban Rendezvous dinner. We can’t wait to see you there!

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