Meet Ranger Frenklyn

Since the Urban Ranger Corps was founded in 2003 by Father John Wandless and began officially operating in 2005, there have been over 600 young men that have been through the program. Every one of them, no matter their background or circumstances, has successfully  made it through as a Ranger and has become a leader because of it. Every year we continue to get to work with new faces and provide them with the skills they’ll need to excel later in life is a success in our book.

That’s why we wanted to begin highlighting some of the amazing Rangers who have come through our program and gone on to do wonderful things in high school, college, and careers. Because of them and because of the support of everyone who has donated and volunteered over the years, the URC has been able to grow from one summer program a year to a year round program to help middle and high school boys in the KC Metro.

Meet one of our most recent graduates, Ranger Frenklyn Piggie. He is one of the first rangers to ever receive the URC Hopes and Dreams Scholarship, a scholarship established through the kindness of the Corvin Family Foundation to help young men in the next steps of life after high school. Whether that means going to college like Frenklyn, going to vocational or culinary school, or any other career choice post-grads decide on, the Hopes and Dreams Scholarships is stepping stone to finding their own path.

   Frenklyn Pigge

Frenklyn is a hard working young man who has been a part of our program for a little over 3  years since he joined the summer before his sophomore year in high school. He graduated from Kansas City’s University Academy this May  and will be a freshman at the University of Arkansas this fall. There, his goal is to become an athletic trainer and obtain a kinesiology degree.  

Though we’ll miss him and all he’s done with us over the years, we’re proud to see what he has achieved and all the accomplishments yet to come.

“This program has molded me as a person. I think every young man should be in this program no matter their race. The program has prepared me for future careers. Also, it gave me memories that I will never forget. This program really forces you to grow up and act like a mature young man. I’ve connected with people who will always be friends.”

Frenklyn is one of the young men who participated in not only our work and learning experience programs, but has attended our Ranger trips to, like the annual float trip that he says will be one of his favorite memories from his time with the URC. “The float trips let’s you get away from the city and actually enjoy nature. It’s great.”


To continue helping young men like Frenklyn make their dreams a reality, join us for our Urban Rendezvous dinner on October 21st at the College Basketball Experience for a night of fun and fundraising.

All proceeds go directly to the URC program and give us the funds to provide all the supplies and staff to continue helping the lives of boys in Kansas City’s urban core. Frenklyn’s story and experience at the University of Arkansas this fall semester will also be highlighted in a video at the event We can’t wait to see you there and share more of Frenklyn’s story!

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