Lloyd Cooper III

I am a native of Kansas City MO., father of five children and a life long DJ & comedic entertainer that worked with and mentored inner city young men ages 12 to 18 come to be known as Urban Rangers. I attended Center High & Southwest High Schools. However I graduated from Southwest High School in 1985. Shortly after attending high school I went on to pursue a career in the entertainment field in various cities such as new York City, Minneapolis, & Houston before returning to Kansas City in 1987. I’ve worked several blue-collar jobs and never attended a college unless I was providing entertainment of some sort. While attending St Louis church, where Fr. John ministered is when I first heard of the Urban Rangers in 2005.

After a tragic accident occurred in 2006, with my sons being hit by a car Fr. John came to say a prayer for my sons and it was at that time Fr. John and I really got to personally know each other. He was impressed with my calm demeanor and offered me an opportunity to provide leadership/ mentorship with the Urban Rangers, which was designed and created by founder and friend Fr. John Wandless. However after working side by side with Fr. Wandless, he quickly realized I was more like a father figure/ disciplinarian. I worked closely with adult crews, which got the young men started at their worksites in the mornings.

In addition to organizing enrichment experiences for the youth Rangers, as part of the summer program I collect time sheets and prepared payroll with the assistance of my adult team leaders. I helped provide meal set-ups to feed the work crews and purchase supplies and work materials, as well as keep a log of all work trucks and fuel disbursements. I was in charge of the uniform and safety equipment usage as well. Each work crew consists of Rangers and a crew leader that paint homes, restore yards and green spaces in central city neighborhoods.

The Urban Rangers of Kansas City Missouri is a non-for profit group organization founded by Fr. John Wandless that truly enhanced my mentoring skills. I am very proud to say I serve our urban community by working with the great people at Urban Rangers.